eCommerce Project & What Manager Should Know About It

18 September 2013

As a part of educational projects in NIX Solutions Company the CMS team lead Evgeniy has delivered a lecture on “eCommerce Services” for sales managers, analysts, and project managers. This event let the the employees to share experience as well as to discuss the issue of eCommerce from different perspectives.

Ecommerce services lecture at NIX Solutions

Ecommerce: convenience comes first

The development of a fast and convenient (for end-users not developers) eCommerce system demands complex approach. Of course it is possible to use out-of-the box eCommerce platforms to save client’s time and money. However, it is not usually possible to meet the client’s requirements in such a way. More often the market wants to see unique solution and characteristics. That is why business owners choose to address experienced eCommerce developers who have already figured out how to overcome issiues with payment methods, backend and database support, orders processing and notification for the staff.

Evgeniy, the technical lead of the CMS department: “The most common mistake while working on eCommerce projects is that client takes an internet-shop for a catalogue of goods with a shopping cart – but not a system with its own workflow. The thing is: a client needs a complex solution to create a successful eCommerce business.”

Ecommerce: from click to delivery

While developing a eCommerce system you need to take into consideration the target audience, particular characteristics of the products to sell, trade characteristics of the region and many other aspects. Such moments influence method of payment and delivery, order status notifications and so on. Popular payment methods vary in different countries. Some may be not availiable or unpopular in the target region of the client. A delivery company may provide data that can be integrated with the backend of online store and the system should be able to process and dispaly it correctly.

eCommerce site should meet not only requirements of potential customers, but also requirements of the staff. It means that the system has to be simple and automated.

NIX Solutions has been providing eCommerce services for a long time already. Our lead web developers have extensive knowledge and wide experience in this sphere which allows them to offer every client a number of particular services to grow the business.

We are absolutely sure that educational events lead to better level of understanding our clients’ needs and improve our products/services quality.

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