Quality Assurance Services

Test Covered and Protected products with NIX Solutions

NIX Solutions offers Quality Assurance (QA) services to bring perfection to every project in which our company is engaged. To put it differently, this service provides various types of quality assurance testing for software, web and mobile.


  • Automated testing is performed by means of a program without human intervention. Our QA experts develop scripts that accelerate the process of testing, increase efficiency, and issue notification in case of errors.


  • Functional testing is used for checking whether the product meets the desired specifications and functional requirements stated in the development documentation. This will prove if the product aligns with your business idea and works as you had imagined it.
  • Stress testing helps to determine the ability of the program or website to remain stable under stressful conditions, e.g., simultaneous uploads, high traffic volume, and peak usage.


  • Usability testing involves actual users in testing the product. It provides important feedback about how well people can use the product or the system. This is critical in winning client’s approval and acceptance.
  • Compatibility testing is used to check the consistency of tested products with certain hardware and software, operating systems and/or network environments.
  • User interface testing is performed to ensure that the interface meets requirements of the users and other elements of tested product. Its aim is to make the product intuitively clear for users by means of various signs, prompts and explanatory messages that help to work with the system.
  • Unit testing is based on local testing of specific components of the source code. It’s a way to ensure their correct behavior before the system integration.

Quality assurance services for software, web and mobile projects at NIX Solutions are provided by the largest department in the company. Our experts do their best to make your projects operate flawlessly. We will ensure the final product according to your requirements and specifications.