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CMS TeamCMS Team

The CMS Department is a group of experienced developers, creative designers and effective project managers. We are experts in WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery, HTML/CSS, UI/UX design, web design, and Project Management.

We provide:

We are on the CMS leading edge. To achieve the best results and faster deliveries, we have developed our own framework – a WordPress theme called  NIX Framework — that has integrated features and a convenient interface for developers and end-users. This proprietary framework helps to develop an enhanced, SEO-friendly, optimized code and has proven its mettle  in many of our commercial projects.

Check out the portfolio of websites we have developed and delivered through the years.

In an effort to make the Internet space more open and common, our team shares the open-sourced plug-ins we have created. At the official WordPress site, you will find:

The CMS team credo of our team is to make our clients ideas come true with a quality project and clean code.  Our client’s testimonials prove we have successful in doing just that!

Just request a quote for a website development and we’ll do our best to define the price and timeframe for your project.