Reviews for NIX Solutions

Apo Technology

NIX Solutions has done an amazing job on this application. It was done in a timely manner with the highest professional quality. There were no “bumps” in the road and everything ran smoothly. If you ever need a contractor for an important and complex job, Nix is your team. Thank you again!

— Stefan Fritsch


Dustin Kinch

Great work, excellent performance.

— Dustin Kinch

Digital designer

SilverWiz LLC

Great work. Five star provider.

— Iliya Yordanov

Serial Entrepreneur

Peninsula Point Partners

A trusted business partner, Roman and his CMS colleagues at NIX Solutions consistently delivers true to spec, most often exceeding our high expectations. Post delivery support and collaboration have been outstanding. Their business acumen and technical competence is as good as you will find anywhere. Simply put, our partners have numerous outsourcing options, yet we consistently return to NIX Solutions.

— Carl Branco


English Team

It has been a pleasure working with NIX Solutions. They have a professional team of project managers, programmers and graphic designers who responded to any of our requests very swiftly. They all speak excellent English and communicating with them was a great experience. We are going to recommend NIX Solutions to our partners.

— Torsten Daerr