Android Team

We are experts in creating applications for Android devices. We have developed different organizers (looking after home plants, helpers for planning trips, datebooks), client apps for voice chats, news and informational applications.

We use different technologies: Android, JNI, AndEngine, SOAP/REST web services, JSON/XML.
Our objective is to continuously level up our skills quantitatively and qualitatively so that we are always on the cutting edge of the Android platform, which is becoming very popular and ever-evolving.

As professionals, we each have strong opinions on “how to make something better”. We respectfully hear each other out as long as we can prove and articulate it properly. As a team, we are always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. We come together as one to deliver a quality product on time, on budget and on spec.

On a personal level, we each have our own hobbies and passions. Someone likes to take photographs, someone likes to play football or billiards, others are into skiing in Carpathians or canoeing.

Even then, we get together every Friday to eat pizza and other team-building activities. For example, we’re planning a trip to Lviv for a couple of days. We believe the time we spend together outside of work enhances our team dynamics and inspires us to achieve more.