Custom Software Development

Addressing your software needs is at the core of our business. We build software that turns your idea into product and gives you competitive advantage.

Our custom software development company works with the clients worldwide. We have established successful partnerships with companies in the USA, EU, and Australia and have completed over 2000 software projects.

Our proven approach to development and implementation let us perform equally well for small businesses and for large corporations.

NIX Solutions engineers:

  • Develop software from scratch
  • Integrate into a currently running project
  • Move legacy system to a new platform
  • Run tests to assure the quality of a product
  • Provide maintenance
  • Design IT infrastructure architecture

Full software development lifecycle: analysis, design, development, QA, deployment, maintenance and support.

Web Development

We create adaptive, responsive, websites with UI/UX interface that works fast no matter how many users hit the site.

  • eCommerce
  • Social websites
  • Business websites
  • Custom websites with specific functionality
  • Integration with popular platforms.

Our full-stack developers are well-versed in PHP, .NET, WordPress, HTML5, Python and Node.js. Over three hundred programmers work on web development projects in our company. We develop brand-new websites, applications and systems as well as audit and refactor the ready code.

Enterprise Systems

Our enterprise solutions have enabled our USA and EU clients to cut their IT spending in half. We create IT solutions with Java and .NET technologies. Our custom systems and applications drastically optimize the workflow in your company and let your business grow faster.

Java and .NET software engineers:

  • Design n-layer software architecture
  • Implement custom solutions from scratch.
  • Re-engineer systems for functional and architecture enhancement.

Our business analysts will study your workflow from different angles and offer an optimal IT solution.

Native Mobile Apps

You will bring your software product to market months ahead of your competitors with mobile programmers from our custom software company. We practice rapid mobile development of apps for iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets. Our process lets us deliver a professional prototype with neat graphic design and core features in one week.

All apps are tested on a range of popular mobile devices, including new tech gadgets.

Test Covered and Protected

Our QA engineers make sure that your product is bug-free. We run manual and automated tests and examine the product through various approaches in testing:

  • Usability
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • Big data
  • Security

Quality assurance is a critical part of our business as a software development company.

Test Covered and Protected products with NIX Solutions

Our Process and Approach

We establish such level of communication you might think we work in an office nearby. We always keep you informed via channels you prefer: email, Skype and other messengers, phone. We are always ready to visit your facilities to study your business workflow.

Transparent task- and progress-tracking in JIRA, Rally, Basecamp, ActiveCollab.

Flexible Agile development model: Scrum or Kanban.

Best practices of code coverage Unit Testing and TTD style guide for clear and consistent code.

Tech cloud of NIX Solutions Custom Software Development