Python Team

Our highly skilled team does not sit on their hands. We constantly improve our knowledge, learn latest technologies, attend conferences all over the world, and share our expertise with others at the meetups.

We have worked on projects of various complexity levels in many business domains, such as insurance, healthcare, financial services, legislative web portals, etc.

In our opinion, the success of the development process depends on active engagement rather than just the team’s proficiency level. No wonder that eventually our teammates partly become the specialists of the client’s domain and get deep knowledge of their business.

Each of the team has a personality, with their hobbies, character, and mood. We love being together not only in the office, but also outside on the various activities and quests as well. At the end of the day, everyone needs a reboot for a fresh start.

We are ready to tackle every challenge and are capable of finding the most efficient solution to it.

What we are good at:

Frameworks: Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Sanic, aiohttp/asyncio

Crawlers: Scrapy, Beautiful Soup

Blockchain: Ethereum/

DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis

Data Science and Big Data: pySpark, Tensorflow, scikit, Pandas, numpy

Search Engine: Elasticsearch

Queue: Celery, RabbitMQ

VCS: Git

Virtualization: Docker

Continuous Integration: GitLab CI, Travis, Jenkins.