Java Team

When you have a hammer in your hands, all problems look like nails. But Java is a Swiss knife: easy to learn, and in the right hands, it is useful in almost any situation.

 Java is actually used everywhere: it’s in your phone, your cable’s set-top box, on the server which you are currently connected to. It allows your business to work efficiently, makes you productive, and your profit stable. 

Our team of Java developers specializes in Enterprise Apps. We develop internal multi-level systems for processing large amounts of data, business mobile applications, web services, and others. 

We offer solutions that incorporate Big Data, AI, machine learning, and the Cloud. Our technical repertoire includes:

  • Spring framework
  • Relational databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.
  • Message broker: Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc. 

Our unique skill set combined with years of experience enables us to work with companies that are world leaders in:

  • Healthcare
  • IoT
  • Insurance
  • FinTech
  • EdTech
  • Telecom

Behind the business success of hundreds of companies are NIX developers. Our experts are full-stack developers. One developer can independently write code on several platforms, develop a complex product, work proficiently with UI, back-end, and databases. Our high standard of professionalism and over 10 years’ experience equip us to support projects 24/7.

At NIX Solutions, every day is an opportunity for self-development. Aside from working on client projects, our experts participate in the industry-specific world conferences, present their own reports at ThinkJava corporate conferences, and teach students in Java courses in NIX Solutions. 

Let us bring your enterprise ideas to life. Use the form to contact one of our Project Managers today.