Working in various realms, from smart cities and home automation to personal healthcare devices, businesses prefer Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to connect humans, machines, and clouds in order to make their cooperation productive as never before. Companies, which engage with IoT undisputedly turn into market leaders. Investing in IoT-solutions optimizes a company’s productivity and allows for moving with the times.

The NIX Solutions team has massive experience in delivering IoT solutions. We are always there to facilitate your start with IoT or reimagine your business in a revolutionary way.

What we provide:

  • consulting services on zeroing in on your needs
  • market research
  • development of IoT-solutions
  • augmented intelligence solutions
  • integrating existing products and services into an IoT-landscape
  • security and operations
  • product support

Our experts make every possible effort to make your projects flow seamlessly. Contact us to discuss the details.


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