Privacy Policy

NDA and Information in the Public Domain

We are fully aware that confidentiality is critical for our clients. Disclosure of any data concerning our cooperation with any client, including the cooperation itself, is forbidden by default. This is true even before the NDA is signed. Disclosure is possible only with a clear permission from all parties involved.

While we are aware that such a policy is limiting the promotion of our services, especially with respect to testimonials, the success of our clients in the long term is far more important to us than a momentary benefit from an advertisement of our capabilities.

If you send us a request for testimonials from other clients regarding their project implementation experience with us, we will ask for a permission to disclose specific information.  If approved, you will receive the data requested. In addition, if the client allowspublication, we will place the links to the results of our cooperation in the Portfolio section of our official website.

Profiles in Social Networks

Our company has a strict corporate policy regarding the usage of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, VKontakte, and others. Our employees are forbidden to have profession-oriented profiles in social networks as they increase the risk of confidentiality violations. We consider any new contact (client, contractor or even another employee) carelessly added to an employee’s profile to be high risk as such person may, accidentally or otherwise, share confidential data with the open community.

The publication of any data is strictly controlled; only information approved by the Security Department of our company can be seen in the public domain.

We value our clients and we take great lengths to ensure their information is safe with us.