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Software Development Services


Because the core competency of NIX Solutions  is custom software development, we don’t schedule the development of in-house products in advance. In many cases, our products evolve as derivatives of large-scale projects or as the result of our experiments with new platforms, technologies and frameworks.

For any suggestions on functional improvements, content, and future updates, please contact us at [email protected].

Mobile Applications

Our iPhone and Android Teams developed a group of useful and indispensable apps for end users. Some of the apps described below are available for iPhone, Android and Bada platforms. All of them pass through stringent qualitative testing before being listed in the AppStore or Google Play so are safe to download.

This app was created to make the packing process simple and trouble-free. With uPackingList, you can create an unlimited number of lists, customize catalogs, and even send them via email.

uPrefScore – it’s a handy scores calculator in Preferans. The app supports Sochi and Leningrad scoring systems with all rules implemented according to Codex of rules for Russian Preference.

A fit body and wellness is what everyone wants! uActive is an iOS app to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve fitness results.

Warm and friendly greetings to uLtiClock Widget! With this app, you will literally keep pace with the time!
The uLtiClock Widget app is designed to simplify the planning of meetings, phone calls and conferences in different time zones all over the globe. It allows you to see both the time at a certain place and the intersection of several time zones.


User interface is intuitive and simple. Colors will prompt you the best time to appoint online events with participants in any corner of the world.

Color Meaning:

Green – work hours. Ideal time for calls and conferences.

Blue – evening and morning. Suitable for urgent calls only.

Violet – early morning and night. Rest time, the calls are not appreciated

Black – late night. Sleep time, do not disturb.


  • Automatic identification of your time zone
  • Selection of a time zone (country, city)
  • Time setting: you can set hours of work and sleep (after unchecking “By Default” box)

“By Default” settings for all countries are adjusted for:

  • Work: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Sleep: 22:00 – 5:00

You can change the order of the countries manually.

Settings applied to the widget appearance:

  • Show city names
  • Show flags
  • Show time

Features of the new version:

  • The letter case was changed;
  • Time zone offset by сities was added;
  • Reorganization of the timezone selection screen;
  • The City cell will be inactive until the Country cell is selected;
  • Support for tablet layout was added.

Interface languages:

  • Russian
  • English

To ensure flawless operation of the application, your device should have a relevant time zone database. Also, make sure that all time zone settings are correct.

uLtiClock Widget is indispensable for active people with contacts all over the globe. From now on, you will always be on time!


This fun strategy game for iOS will entertain you on your way home or while taking a break. Capture the entire playing area with one color and watch out for bombs! Find bonuses and capture as many cells as you can.

This mobile application is made for those who love comfort and convenience. With a couple of finger taps, download and read your favorite books in various formats, and translate unknown phrases.