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Software Development Company


Because the core competency of NIX Solutions is custom software development, we don’t schedule the development of in-house products in advance. In many cases, our products evolve as derivatives of large-scale projects or as the result of our experiments with new platforms, technologies and frameworks.

Mobile Applications

Our iPhone and Android Teams developed a group of useful and indispensable apps for end users. Some of the apps described below are available for iPhone, Android and Bada platforms. All of them pass through stringent qualitative testing before being listed in the AppStore or Google Play so are safe to download.

This app was created to make the packing process simple and trouble-free. With uPackingList, you can create an unlimited number of lists, customize catalogs, and even send them via email.

A fit body and wellness is what everyone wants! uActive is an iOS app to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve fitness results.

uFlowers helps you to take care of your flowering plants regularly. This app has a searchable built-in flower catalog, a to-do list with a convenient calendar which you can synchronize for added convenience.

With uLtiClock Widget time will be your friend.

This fun strategy game for iOS will entertain you on your way home or while taking a break. Capture the entire playing area with one color and watch out for bombs! Find bonuses and capture as many cells as you can.

uFingerBall is an application for you iPad. You will never get bored with this app! If you are a die-hard football fan, uFingerBall will become your favorite pastime.

This mobile application is made for those who love comfort and convenience. With a couple of finger taps, download and read your favorite books in various formats, and translate unknown phrases.

It is one of the most convenient apps for reading ebooks (.epub, .fb2, .html, .txt) and documents (.pdf, .rtf, and .docx) on the iPhone and iPad. With uBooks, you get an integrated translator and auto-scrolling features.

Now, you have opportunity to find out the sex of your future baby with our uBaby application. It uses unique algorithms to predict if you’re going to have a boy or a girl.

Brick Arena is a captivating game that has a number of cool features that you can play solo or with a friend. To get points, you have to eliminate as many lines as possible. To get more achievement points, you have to complete extra tasks.

Desktop Applications

Do you like board games? Then our new game uChineseCheckers is especially for you. Play by yourself or with friends (up to 6 people).

Are you a fan of Sudoku? Great! uSudoku is a wonderful game that helps you develop keen logic and attentiveness. The beautiful interface and pleasant music will make you feel like a real Japanese philosopher!