The creation of a web application is a fascinating process that involves experts from different areas: developers, designers, managers, and other specialists.

The estimation of the effort for each project depends on the requirements. We will explain our price policy using a business card website as an example.

Site’s structure definition

Before starting any website development, we need to define the structure of its main pages. A typical business card website has several pages with unique design, contact form, and a homepage with functional features.

Design creation

Once the structure is defined, you’ll get several different variants of the design and you get to choose the one that suits you the best.


Once you know and approve of how your site will look like and how it will work, we will start the development.


Along with the development, the markup phase is started. While the developer is working on technical stage, our markup specialist will apply the design on it.


Your product will be thoroughly tested using the main browsers.

What Do You Get?

  • An  editable and updatable custom and unique website
  • Fast website
  • W3C-validated website
  • Clean PHP and HTML code
  • Pixel-perfect frontend
  • Convenient backend
  • Installation of a website on a host
  • All the necessary plug-ins installed and set up
  • A live website
  • Free support for a period of two weeks
  • Brief guidelines for working on the website
  • Detailed report of the development work and/or changes

We are always ready to help you even with the implementation of non-standard projects. The price of a non-standard project can be determined at the beginning of development work. Traditionally, it is our hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours of work.

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