iOS Team

The iOS Applications Department is young and dynamically expanding. Our department is represented by 40 developers but the count is increasing with new gifted specialists who are ready to create new exciting programs and games.

Our iOS developers department is replete an ever-growing number of new technologies and frameworks. For this reason, we have gathered together young and active people who have a strong desire for self-directed learning as programming in Swift and Objective C is not taught at schools and universities.

ObjectiveC differs significantly from other C-based languages. It is simple yet restrictive. The main difficulty in working with ObjC is that there is lack of good ready-made ObjC solutions. Add to that Apple’s strict policy towards using components developed by the third parties. As a result, many of the libraries of tools and tasks are created by our iOS Team from scratch  and are thoroughly documented for efficient use in future projects. We now have a whole collection of the developed and applied libraries and classes with detailed descriptions ready for any project.

Several iOS applications for iOS developed by us are distributed through the AppStore and an even greater number of programs has been developed for our clients. We create custom iOS multi-function applications for business and games for entertainment and education.

Because we support an array of Apple devices and firmware: iPhone, iPod Touch (different generations),iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV our team’s knowledge base is constantly updated with the latest trends that allows us to develop new Apple applications rapidly and efficiently.

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