Workshop on Swift for iOS team

5 January 2017

In September 2016, our team visited the CocoaConf in Washington, DC. The event was fully dedicated to Swift and Objective-C development.

There was also a workshop for everyone with Swift experience. We were so excited by this event that we decided to hold something similar to our team.

Eugenia tells about the Swift workshop in the NIX Solutions office.

“In June 2014 Apple presented Swift—a new programming language to replace Objective-C in writing applications for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. If you want to ride the iOS development wave in the nearest future, you better learn Swift.

An interesting format was chosen: the sample code was written on Xcode and translated into a screen. It was not an easy format to prepare, but way more interesting.

Despite heavy snowfall, we gathered within the company walls, to get to know Swift better. After each block, participants solved tasks, and Swift-experts Sasha and Alex helped to check them and answered questions.”

Reporter Eugenia

Swift workshop was excellent. First, Swift is a hot and interesting topic; secondly the format of the report was more effective than a simple lecture. Those who had already developed on Swift before got their knowledge structured and mastered new skills. We will try to hold such interesting events way more often in the future.

Karen, iOS developer