Remote Administration and System Integration


In order to expand business interests, explore new markets, and capture new clients, many companies are becoming more distributed and flexible. Their computer networks are expanding geographically and becoming more complex. Consequently, they are getting more expensive and difficult to maintain and protect.

NIX Solutions offers you remote administration services that will allow you to maintain computer network at the optimum level at a reasonable price.

  • Set up and monitor Remote Access (VPN)
  • Manage your servers (E-mail, Web, Data)
  • Provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection
  • Manage Webhosting Automation
  • Provide Security Audit and Consulting for Networks, Servers and Services
  • Provide 24×7 Technical Support

A house is only as strong and successful as its foundation. With NIX, the IT network and infrastructure of your business will be in strong, reliable hands.