PHP Team

The PHP Department is composed of professional developers specializing in custom website and application development using Symfony or Laravel. All our development projects are multifunctional, secure and reliable in data processing. We are not afraid to take difficult software development tasks and implement them in time and within the required budget.

PHP team developers are constantly searching for the new technologies and curiously try them out at work. We enjoy sharing our achievements with the other inquiring minds that we created a PHP Blog where we highlight life in the PHP Department and other our research.

Here are just some of the most popular technologies our developers have used, and the list certainly does not cover everything.

PHP frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Yii,  Zend Framework

JavaScript frameworks: ReactJS, VueJS,  AngularJS

Responsive design: HTML5, CSS3, Vuetify, Ant UI

VCS: Git

Continuous Integration: Gitlab, Bitbucket Pipelines, TeamCity


NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB

Search engines: Elasticsearch, Sphinx

Message Broker: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka