Life in PHP Department

10 June 2010

Here I start a new series of articles about my company and my own department as well…

I work in NIX Solutions software Development Company that has united 300 developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers. My department consists of 40 people and we’re going to extend.

Now I’ll show you a bit of our backstage, the way we work and relax.


The best way to tell is to show. Here are some evidences that we do work…

For those who are interested we are using Zend Framework for the sever-side and jQuery for various user-friendly features in all our new projects. But that you can guess from our photos ;)


I’ve just opened photo archive and picked up the most interesting photos. Majority of the photos were made at the Company’s Birthday picnic and some at New Year party.

Yea, we know how to party.

That’s it for today. Later I’ll tell you more about our life in office…

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