WordPress Meetup #2

16 March 2016

NIX Solutions continues a wonderful tradition of WordPress community meetings. Advanced reports, pleasant coffee breaks, and a new cool location brought together more than 300 Kharkiv WP developers this time.

The second WordPress Community Meetup took place within the walls of Fabrika Space.

As in Meetup #1, the opening speaker was Yevhen Kotelnytskyi. His presentation “How to get a black belt in WordPress?” contained plenty of WP life-hacks. Conference guests learned about the stages of WP-developer growth: Junior, Middle, and Senior. Various speakers also shared with the guests their secrets of participating in large Open Source projects.

Video report in Russian: “How to get a black belt in WordPress?”

The second speaker, Nikita Yurov, gave a presentation on “Tools of WordPress Developer”. He talked about popular services and plug-ins necessary in the daily work of WordPress-developer. The speaker explained how one can speed up the development process and reduce its cost, as well as get rid of routine.

Video report in Russian: “Tools of WordPress Developer”

Traditionally, authors of the most creative and interesting questions received a prize which was the annual JetBrains IDE subscription. Also, seven of those who got the most FB post shares now drink tea from their hip WordPress mugs.

Video report in Russian: questions and answers session

The after-party was staged on the ground floor of the Fabrika bar. Participants established new contacts and shared their WP experiences over glasses of some tasty drinks.

We are glad to observe that attention to our meetings is rising and impatiently wait for the third conference.