WordPress Meetup #1

3 March 2015

WordPress platform becomes more popular day by day. Kharkiv WP developers have been thinking about an opportunity to get together and discuss some topical issues of the field for a long time.

NIX Solutions made this happen in late winter. WordPress Meetup #1 was held in a cozy conference hall of Metalist Sports Center, where one could hear interesting reports of real gurus, heated discussions on professional topics, and of course enjoy sweet coffee breaks.

Evgenii Kotelnitskii opened the meeting. He spoke about access points, routing, hook system, data models, basic abstractions, and many other things in his report “How WordPress Works”.

Dmitry Kuzovlev answered many topical questions in his report “Briefly about Theme Layout”: What does the theme consist of? What is a child theme for? What is template hierarchy? What are the nuances of CSS & JS linking? What you shouldn’t use functions.php for?

Nikita Yurov finished the meeting with a detailed report on “Google Analytics + WordPress”: he talked about configuring tracking code, plug-ins, tracking events, and so on.

At the end of the meeting, NIX Solutions awarded the authors of 7 most popular reposts with unique WordPress mugs.

Authors of the best questions (according to the presenter’s opinion) got annual licenses for PhpStorm from JetBrains.