Sync.NET #2 from NIX Solutions

4 May 2016

We chose spring equator, April 15th, to hold the second Sync.NET community meeting where we increased the number of reports from two to three. Another surprise of the event was a specially created app for guests where they could leave their feedback and got a chance to win a power bank. Three guests got lucky and won prizes in a random pick.

The first speaker of the meeting was Denis Pavelko with a report on “Windows 10, our first experience.” As soon as the platform appeared, our developers created an application that compared Windows 10 with version 8.1 to see what new possibilities the 10th version offers them. During his speech, Dennis talked about the results and the challenges his team faced in the process of its creation. In addition, the speaker acquainted participants with RelativePanel that can replace the usual grid in the creation of user interfaces. Denis paid special attention to VisualStateManager and VisualState.StateTriggers benefits in creating their applications.

The traditional coffee break was quite noisy: developers were actively discussing new information and were happy to see their old comrades among the guests. After the tasty break, Sync.NET #2 participants took their places, looking for the next report.

The second speaker of the conference was Vladimir Belousov, with a report on “ASP.NET MVC, asynchronous and multi-threading.” Vladimir taught participants how to distinguish between asynchronous and multi-threading concepts. He spoke about the use of asynchronous controllers and async/await syntax when working with long IO operations. Vladimir shared his experience with Parallel Task Library for implementing multi-threaded workflow.

After another pause for a cup of delicious coffee and cookies, our third speaker Ivan Zaruba appeared on the scene with a report on “ASP.NET Core 1.0.” Ivan provided a detailed overview of ASP.NET Core and identified its major differences from the ASP.NET 4.5. He shared his experience with MVC Core (MVC 6) and revealed his secrets on how to avoid the pitfalls during its use.

Just like at the Sync.NET #1, speakers of .NET-community got teddy raccoons, and the participants a fresh portion of knowledge and the pleasure of communicating with new friends.

Thank you to all the guests of Sync.NET #2 and see you at our third conference! :)
P.S. If you feel the urge and potential to retrain from a participant into a speaker, feel free to email us at