ThinkJava #1 | First Java Meet-Up

1 December 2014

For years, the #ThinkPHP conference organized by NIX Solutions in Kharkiv (Kharkov) has been very popular. Now, it’s time to present ThinkJava to Kharkiv IT professionals.

One of the important initiatives of our company is to stimulate professional communities of developers in Kharkiv (Kharkov). For years, the #ThinkPHP conference organized by NIX Solutions has been very popular. Now, it’s time to present ThinkJava to Kharkiv IT professionals and students.

NIX Solutions developers visited SpringOne 2GX in Dallas and it inspired us to establish regular events for the Java community in Kharkiv.

The first meet-up of Java experts took place on November 14 at the Metalist conference hall located in the stadium that hosted the Euro 2012 games.

Oleg Gorchenok was the first presenter. He talked about the theory and practice of Java 8 as well recent developments in that field. The audience was enlivened and Oleg answered a lot of questions from them.

The hot discussion of “What’s New in Java 8?” continued on during the coffee break where all meet-up participants had a chance to socialize and share their impressions about the first ThinkJava conference.

The second presenter Egor Bondar talked about a new version of Spring.IO in his report “The Evolution or Revolution in Spring 4.x?” Again, the guests were ready for some novelty and enjoyed discussing the latest Spring 4.x advantages and fielding questions to Egor after the presentation.

Anton Semannik and Vladimir Malinin ended the meet-up with their hard-hitting, practical report on hard times in the Production sector. They discussed the case and shared their problem-solving methods. This was the liveliest discussion of the day as every developer had some practical questions.

Although this was the very first meet-up for Java developers, many people attended. This only proved our belief because Kharkiv lacked quality Java events. ThinkJava #1 has definitely blazed the trail.

All the presenters were given a little token of appreciation–a pretty Java mascot Duke.

Kharkiv is full of talented developers eager to share their experiences with colleagues. See you at the next ThinkJava conference either as a presenter or an attendee!