SpringOne 2GX: NIX Solutions’ Experts on the Java Event

12 November 2014

How to learn all about the latest trends of Java development and meet real guru of the industry at the conference SpringOne 2GX, walk through Times Square in New York City and become a real cowboy in the streets of Dallas?

NIX Solutions' experts

To get this you need to:

  1. learn Java;
  2. come to our friendly team;
  3. become NIX Solutions’ leading Java developer, and
  4. as a reward for the great job get a fabulous trip to the conference SpringOne 2GX, which was held this year in Dallas, Texas.

The event was organized by Pivotal Software, Inc., bringing together developers of Spring IO, Groovy and Grails. In general, the conference was dedicated to the platform Spring.IO including frameworks and libraries. Each conference’s section was devoted to the one of those frameworks and libraries.

The speakers were real rock stars of Java development. However, our experts especially noted the relaxed atmosphere that reigned at the event. The real IT guru easily communicated with the participants of the conference, sharing their contacts and willingly answered to all sorts of questions.

Besides Spring’s developers, at the conference were also so-called Java evangelists who travel from conference to conference and set the main trends of the industry.

All reports from Spring begin with the story about micro-services and micro-service architecture was the main topic of discussion. Spring took effort to facilitate the micro-service architecture’s development using its tools. Micro-services now especially popular because many large companies have implemented it in their products: Netflix, Amazon, etc. Micro-service architecture is used heavily in the development of applications that require the easily zoom ability.  Main attention of our experts were drawn by such topics as how to implement micro-service architecture, what are the problems encountered in its development, how to solve them, etc.

There are few ways to find something new in the world of Java EE. We can explore technologies’ release notes, we can subscribe to the blogs or Twitter accounts of the main developers. But it is better to gather all of these developers as speakers in one place, and they will tell you all the new and interesting. All you need is to go to the point of gathering of these people and be ready to receive useful information. NIX Solutions’ experts believe that SpringOne 2GX on scale competes with JavaOne, and on the content and saturation outperforms its competitor, no wonder it was “to geeks” :).

When our guys went to the conference it seemed to them that they know all about these technologies, they work with it after all. On the first day all their knowledge, scattered as pieces of the puzzle, developed into one big picture. Thanks to SpringOne 2GX our experts have found new ways to work on their projects and clearly seen the direction in which they should move. Guys were inspired by their guru and now they’re ready to share the acquired knowledge with their colleagues to move forward Ukrainian Java development industry.