Facebook Application Development

7 October 2010

Facebook is one of the most visited world web resources and you can become a part of it not just as a fan. Create an application or a game! So did we.

NIX Solutions has just released a Facebook game Ludo and is eager to tell you about it.

Facebook Games, Marketing and Ideas

Facebook has accumulated the greatest audience on the Internet. There you can find people from all over the world with various hobbies, interests and cultural habits. It’s the perfect marketplace with the one the most efficient consumer targeting.

By creating a fan page, an application, or a game on Facebook you reach those people who are really closer to you and your proposal.

Ludo game is a well-known Caribbean game, and we implemented a Facebook application based on it. The game is aimed to attract the Caribbean Diaspora on Facebook and promote the new milk-based drink called “Nurishment”.

Playing the Ludo game

Ludo is a four-participant game in which each player receives four-game pieces/ “men” of the same color. Players compete to be the first to load all their “men” in their respective home areas.

The aim is to move all four “men” around the board clockwise from the start area to the home area which is located at the end of the path with the same color as that of the “men”. The best final scores are displayed on the bookmark TOP-10 as well as the results of your friends.

Begin Facebook game Ludo Play Facebook game Ludo

Start the game on the Facebook application page, chose the color for your “men”.

If you haven’t played Ludo yet and don’t know the rules, we advise you to use Help before you start playing. Throw the dice and start your journey!

Play Facebook Game Ludo and invite your friends to join you. Share your opinion and leave a comment.

Facebook Game Development and Design

PHP and Flash development departments developed this game.

PHP development department implemented the application and the Flash department created a fresh and appealing design for the app.

QA Team of NIX Solutions verified the proper work of the game.

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