WordPress 10th Anniversary in Kharkiv

21 June 2013

On the 27th of May 2013, our CMS team celebrated WordPress’s 10th Anniversary. There were 719 WordPress 10th Anniversary communities around the world and we were one of them.

The cozy event took place in IT Café in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Our team was the soul of the event and we were glad to see our friends from other companies who joined us. It was great to see them on such a pleasant occasion.

The event become international to our surprise – we had a foreign guest at our party. He came to Ukraine for 2 weeks to build his own web business… and stayed for 4 years now. He found out about the event at Meetup.com where we invited everyone from the WP community to join us that evening.

We thank WP for being such a convent and friendly CMS for all these years!

WordPress 10th Anniversary in Kharkiv WordPress 10th Anniversary in Kharkiv

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