uPackingList App Reached Final Release

9 June 2011

And finally it happened–we are proud to present the release of uPackingList app in version 1.22!

What does it mean for you? It means a lot of extra features and support of devices with Android 3.0 onboard.

uPackingList from NIX Solutions is an application that helps you in packing cases for a trip without a headache. You will not forget to take the smallest thing, because you can check yourself with a convenient list of necessary items on your mobile phone.

We always think about making our life easier. Our managers and developers travel to meet with the clients, attend conferences and training in the USA and Europe. Their packaging for a trip should be as efficient as possible. As a mobile development company, we created the app to enhance the travel experience.

Today if you are using a tablet with Android 3.0, the capabilities of your devices will be used in full. We have added fragments support for uPackingList in this release: you don’t have to switch between Main Screen and Pack Screen anymore, because they are presented at the same time. Convenient, isn’t it?

Fragment screen - uPackingList app for Android 3.0

The other useful feature in uPackingList for Android is the ability to specify the number of items you want to take for a tour and add an image from the gallery or take a photo by the camera. This way while being in a mall you may calculate the quantity of stuff you want to buy depending on its price and take a photo of the exact product on a shelf.

Editing item - uPackingList app for Android 3.0

Now it’s possible to edit items and categories independently for each list! When you delete an item, for example, in Travel to Miami, the item is still available for other lists. If you want to remove or edit items in uPackinglist app then use the Master list that impacts all the lists in the app.

Of course, we have improved the functionality and fixed the minor bugs we have found and our users have reported us using the form below.

If you have any suggestions regarding functionality, the content of feature updates, or have found a bug, write to us: usupport@nixsolutions.com.

  • I enjoy using the application, but you blew it on the upgrade process? Is there a warning I was going to lose all my saved lists? I see the note above on the website about losing all my saved lists, but I don’t remember any warning while upgrading from the Android Market last night. So all my lists are gone and I leave at 5:00 AM.

    • Hello Kent,

      We are very sorry for the problems with the update to the 1.81 version. We tried to react as fast as possible and have already released the 1.20 version that solves the problem with the saved lists.

  • I lost all my lists when I upgraded to 1.18 also. I recreated my master list from hand and then installed the 1.20 upgrade and the application stopped working completely. I have uninstalled and trying from scratch again.
    It’s a pity that these issues have occurred because I was a HUGE fan of the iPhone version of this app. If it all reinstalls and I can create my lists (and hopefully back them up to SD card!!!!) I will be a happy camper.

    • Hi Nev,

      We have worked hard for you and other fans of uPackingList app to implement new and enhanced functionality.

      Yes, some issues appeared. However we have fixed them and presented the 1.22 version of the app. Please try it now.

      We hope you’ll enjoy it.

  • Hello,

    I really enjoy this app. It is convenient and beautiful. But I’m French and I would appreciate a French translation.
    Do you plan to translate this app in French?
    (can you please contact me by email if you have the answer on top of answering by comment?). Thanks.

  • Hello Guillaume,

    Thank you for suggestion. We are constantly expanding the list of the features-to-be for our application and we’ll definitely add yours to implement it in future. But it won’t appear in the closest releases.

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