Linkshape, Inc.

18 November 2011

As a small website design and Internet marketing consulting firm, working with NIX has allowed our company to offer more technically-complex web solutions to all of our clients. Like many U.S.–based firms, our primary criteria for selecting an offshore development partner was:

1) Maintaining a high level of technical quality,

2) Maintaining the same rapid turnaround as in-house projects,

3) Keeping costs down, without sacrificing our first two objectives.

From nearly 50 offshore development firms we researched, we selected NIX and when we had completed our first project together, we knew we had made the correct decision.

Let me also say that communication with the folks of NIX is a breeze. Let’s be honest: that’s important when you’re separated by oceans and cultures. If it weren’t for the time-zone differences, I would swear that I’m working with developers right down the road. The staff and managers are knowledgeable, friendly, and cooperative.

What more can you ask for in a partner?