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17 February 2017

Dmitry is an excellent individual/programmer to work with. He is precise with his work and knowledgeable with the many technologies in his industry. He is proficient at his craft and thankfully so – our seemingly simple project ended up requiring more time and effort than expected to work through challenges neither of us expected. The extensive scope of his experience allowed for quick solutions to the challenges.

I believe many other freelancers would have gotten stuck at this point and I would have to spend extra time interviewing someone else and the whole thing would be a hassle. I believe in paying more to hire someone who can do the job well and still be able to respond to any unexpected bugs.

Dmitry also has a likable and friendly personality which made communication that much easier. Highly responsive with quick turnarounds. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s okay with paying more – for the peace of mind that the job will be done.