Welcome to the new NIX Solutions office!

17 April 2015

In May 2014, NIX Solutions Ltd started its move to a new downtown office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Several months later, all developers and QA engineers are housed under one roof. A new milestone in the company’s story began.

We were looking for the right building for a few years. Finally, we found one that has become the new home for over a thousand employees.

It’s the perfect city location: next to Freedom Square, Kharkiv Palace Hotel, Sumska Street. The top floor offers panoramic city views.

Our goal was to provide a space for people to bond during breaks, lunchtime, and after work. That’s why we planned 3 spacious leisure areas. There are sofas for relaxation, football tables, and dartboards. Two of the leisure areas are already available and have proven to be the best place for lectures.

Each of the 9 floors is divided into spacious rooms with custom planning for a department or a team. Rooms are open-space for better collaboration. Meeting rooms provide environments suitable for brainstorming and conference calls with overseas teams.

Welcome to a virtual tour around the NIX Solutions office in Kharkiv!