Two Days of True Scrum at NIX Solutions

27 July 2016

There is no limit to perfection, and we at NIX Solutions know it. We organized a two-day workshop on Scrum with a guest coach, mentor, teacher, facilitator, and expert – Nataliya Trenina. Our managers share details of the Scrum race that took place at the NIX Solutions office.

We always strive to improve skills and practices, and we had the great opportunity to go through certification training within the walls of our office.

20 project managers joined the workshop to improve their expertise and get valuable skills on “How to do Scrum” with a guest coach.

Our coach Nataliya Trenina, is the type of person who could, in two short but intense days, guide us through all the information on how to manage a Scrum project and inspire the team. All the participants gained a lot of useful practices and skills.

Natalya showed us the roles which a professional Scrum Master should be able to perform, depending on the situation.

At the beginning of the training, we wrote down more than 20 questions that bothered us and that we had no answers to. It was surprising that by the end of the second day we had answered these questions by ourselves. Moreover, some questions were no longer relevant. :)

There was a lot of practice and teamwork, with serious lessons on how to act in uncommon situations, and deal with tasks creatively.

We discussed the optimization of our process, removed the excess practices, and kept only the important. Now, we hold a retrospective in projects and plan more thoroughly for the next sprint, with the participation of the entire team. We try to become mentors or coaches more than managers for the team. There are many other changes we will bring to our projects, but they will be useful and wise.

Thanks to the initiators and organizers of this great workshop! Now we are ready for more complex projects. :)