ThinkJava #5

26 June 2017

Recently we gathered Java-developers from Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities in the warm atmosphere of ThinkJava#5 to discuss actual Java-topics, look at different trends of the industry, share the experience, get the answers for important questions, and just have fun on the first Friday of this summer.

It is always a pleasure to watch the community grow: in just 30 minutes, the biggest hall of was full with more than 400 participants of the event. They were discussing their expectations, and communicating in a lively manner with new and old friends.

Roman Vasilenko was the first speaker of ThinkJava #5. In his report “Batch processing of Big Data with Hadoop,” he talked about Big Data and the difficulties which the global growth of data volumes has brought to the developers. He was more specific about binary format of Avro data storing, Ozzie planner, and Cascading framework as an abstraction for MapReduce, and then made a live-demo on their basis.

After an informative report, all of the participants went on a coffee-break to share their impressions and drink fragrant coffee before taking in the next portion of useful information.

Igor Psaruk was the second speaker and the topic of his report was “Start fast with Angular and Spring Boot.” Igor showed how to create a small web-application out of nothing with the help of such modern frameworks as Angular and Spring Boot and in doing this, he explained that front-end is not as scary for a back-end developer as most people think.

Once the presentations were over, all of our participants were able to ask their questions to speakers and the authors of the most interesting reports were given useful presents. :)

We thank all of our participants for attending and we will meet soon at the 6th ThinkJava-community’s meeting. We will be happy to hear your ideas and suggestions, which you can share on our conference accounts on Facebook and Twitter. And if our speakers inspired you to try out for public speaking and become the owner of teddy Duke, write to us about the topics and theses of your reports in our group in Meetup. :)

We will be happy to see new faces!