The Magic of International Women’s Day Celebration

28 March 2016

This year NIX Solutions office turned into something totally unpredictable on the 8th of March — International Women’s Day.

Joint efforts of our men, combined with forces of Wizard Merlin were out to charm the ladies of our kingdom, although this is a complicated task.

NIX Solutions’ office became a real medieval palace with a throne room, art gallery, knight tournaments, a delicious feast, and a ball.

Early in the morning, our brave knights welcomed women, ready to take dear princesses to the end of the world, or to the workplace.

Tulips, cupcakes, champagne, and bracelets with a unique company logo pendant—these gifts waited for our ladies. This was the beginning of a fascinating journey through the hallways of our palace.

The make-up master class was held near the selfie zone. Once ladies became even more beautiful, they could create photos with a fidget-monkey, little rabbits, and fluffy blue-eyed huskies.

Accompanied by knights in shining armor, lovely ladies could go for a walk to the highest tower of the palace where girls met chocolatier. He taught the art of finding a path to the heart of the most brutal knight through his stomach with chocolate sweets.

At the jewelry master class, every girl could create exquisite bracelets and necklaces with her own hands to make an accessory for the evening ball.

In the evening, knights pulled off their armor, and beautiful ladies threw their heels away, to dance to favorite rock covers and dynamic sets of palace DJs.

Thanks to all the men for this unforgettable holiday and because you are our knights, 365 days a year!