The First Spring Holiday at NIX Soutions

28 March 2017

Every year at the beginning of spring, the guys at NIX are becoming more and more inventive with their March 8 surprise for the ladies. They’ve done their research to find the perfect set of gifts for the perfect half of the company. On March 8 at the entrance of the office, the ladies were met by…kittens!

The guys decorated the work areas with tulips and yellow umbrellas, so each NIX lady could have her personal ray of sunshine even in rainy days.

Spring is a time of inspiration. The ladies created real masterpieces at the drawing workshop.

At the perfumery workshop, the ladies concocted their own scents. That’s not all. The men also set up a sushi workshop, a Cuba Libre tasting event, a salsa dance class, and a fashion show.

To cap off the evening, the men presented a concert of the greatest romantic of Kharkiv – Sergei Babkin!

As the Glue Gloomy band played on, the men proudly ticked off the items on their to-do list. Make March 8 perfect: check. Happy faces of the ladies: priceless.

Thank you, guys, for the making the women feel special here at NIX Solutions!