Sync.NET #4 at

5 May 2017

The fourth meeting of Sync.NET community successfully took place, having gathered together more than 300 developers. The event was filled with interesting reports and presentations, communication with speakers, and lively coffee breaks. The first speaker of Sync.NET # 4 was Ekaterina Kashchenko. In her report “Progressive Web applications and their capabilities in the modern web,” she answered important questions such as “Can web applications replace native ones?,” “What to do if there is no network access on the device?,” and “Is it possible and how to work with the API of the system?.” Ekaterina also talked about creating web applications from SPA, Service Worker, and PWA testing.

Nazariy Taran presented the second report “Exploring Roslyn.” He described how Roslyn and Visual Studio help developers to be more productive. Also, Nazariy showed examples of scripting in C #, plug-ins for Visual Studio, and his own code analyzer using the Visual Studio SDK and Roslyn.

Ivan Lomakov presented the report “Physiology of MS SQL Server. Studying the tables.” He spoke about the varieties of tables in MS SQL Server.

Event participants filled out a short questionnaire which will help us make the Sync.NET meetings even better in the future. It was very pleasant to read that the participants really liked the information provided and the presentation topics.

By the way, each speaker received a plush raccoon. If you also have a desire to try out as a speaker, write to us at “Suggest a topic” on the Sync.NET website. Share your wishes and suggestions to our accounts on VK, Facebook, and Twitter. :)

A big thank you to all of our participants at the event and see you at Sync.NET #5!