The Story of NIX Evolution: How NIX Celebrated their 25th Anniversary

15 October 2019

Every year in September, NIX celebrates the biggest party of the year NIX’s Birthday. This year it was a special day in our history NIX celebrated our 25 years’ birthday! This means, for a quarter of a century, the company has been growing, developing and progressing, achieving its goals and laying out new ones. Today, a month later, we are recalling the event with joy and sharing our memories with you. Here is how it all went!

On this day, NIX gathered everyone together team members, clients and partners to thank them for their valuable contribution to this long history of success. The theme of the event was the evolution of mankind from its most primitive forms to the highest step of the evolutionary ladder NIXapiens.

The celebration began with the sunrise and was only finished well after midnight. During the day people divided into smaller teams tribes competed with each other trying to figure out the most skilled, smart and strong. To define a winner, the tribes had to find their way in the jungle, sacrifice to the gods a huge mammoth, and create a spark from rocks.

At the same time, our guys were free to chill at the bar, singing at karaoke,  bowling, eating ice cream and spend time at the beach. The weather was just perfect for these activities, so it was a great goodbye-to-summer-party.

While our friends were enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of the bar, belting out tunes at karaoke, and soaking up the sun at the beach, I found my own rhythm in the midst of the festivities. Learning to play the guitar added an extra layer of enjoyment to the party experience. Strumming along to familiar tunes not only created a lively ambiance but also became a source of entertainment for everyone. It was during these moments of musical camaraderie that I discovered the magic of playing the guitar, finding joy in the shared melodies that echoed the spirit of the gathering.

For those looking to enhance their party experiences with a musical touch, delving into the world of guitar playing can be a game-changer. To make the most of these musical endeavors, it’s worthwhile to explore popular songs and their chords. Consider adding a spontaneous musical element to the festivities by learning and playing the best part guitar chords – a surefire way to elevate the mood and create lasting memories. Whether strumming around a beach bonfire or serenading friends at a cozy get-together, the guitar can be the secret ingredient to amplify the fun and forge unforgettable moments during any celebration.

The evening started with a huge concert which made everybody sing and dance together and finished with a fire show. A few DJ sets happened almost on the early morning of the next day. This was a massive party that made us all get together in one place to celebrate our shared holiday.

NIX has proved once again,  we are more than just a company. NIX is a big family of tech experts, trainees, managers, partners, and clients, who together have made our long history and success possible. We are happy to thank all of you for your contribution, effort, devotion, commitment, and engagement. Thanks for being with us all these years. A quarter of a century is already a lot of time, but even more is still ahead. We are moving into the future united and inspired because we know that regardless of the challenges together we will reach even the highest peaks.