Short review on ThinkPHP #14—IT event in Kharkiv

27 April 2017

More than 400 developers came to the ThinkPHP#14 event. By the way, it was the five-year anniversary of the community. The first speaker of the meeting was Dmitriy Troyan with his report on “Elasticsearch,” which generated a lot of discussion. Dmitriy explained all the details and gave examples from his personal experience.

The second reporter was Maksim Karabelsky with his report on “GraphQL. API query language.” He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of GraphQL in comparison with the standard REST-method, presented popular use cases, and gave a short review on the popular approach to work with GraphQL.

After another coffee-break, there was a presentation from Dmitry Sorokin—“Collecting of statistic and screening of servers.” Dmitry helped guests to sort out statistics collecting tools—Grafana, Influx, Telegraph—and gave examples of using this in a real project. Dmitry answered all of the questions that our guests had. After this, all of the reporters were awarded the plush elePHPants and other useful gifts.

A big thank you to all of our guests of the event for their participation and feedback—it will be extremely useful for preparation of our ThinkPHP #15!
You can share your ideas on the conference socials: VK, Facebook, Twitter, or write to our organizer through the corresponding section of the ThinkPHP website .:)
See you all at ThinkPHP #15!