The Saga of the NIX Vikings

3 October 2017

Warriors, lay down your arms, put away your armors, grab a pint and gather around our bonfire. Skalds will entertain you with songs about the epic NIX Viking raids!

The great Konung decided to throw a feast for the 23rd birthday of NIX Solutions. The Thing was to be held in all 14 towns under his control. Our longships sailed the high seas and the Njord himself guided them to the distant lands, towards great raids, fierce fights and rich spoils

Can you hear the thunder just as Thor hit the ground with his hammer? That was how the warriors welcomed their Konung. Each team proudly made a great presentation about their town and the best of them were generously rewarded.

As they had their first taste of the victory, the earls of the 14 towns were ready to fight. The Konung granted their request to raid all visible lands right away. But before they could leave Kattegat, the earls of each team had to overcome Thor’s quest. There were 4 areas to raid: the Tividen forests, Gothland, Jutland and Hedeby. The mission was to burn the enemies’ longships, climb the walls, overcome the obstacles, and display might in all possible ways.

After each raid, the Vikings came back to their hometowns to share their trophies, pass the mantle to their friends, and yell “Skol!”

At sunset, the Konung gathered together his closest advisors to visit and evaluate the 14 towns.

For the crown of Yggdrasil, the final competition was a massive raid on Asgard. The jarls chose their most reliable teammates and, shoulder-to-shoulder, they had to overcome a series of trials to take possession of the legendary sword of Valkyrie and glorify the Royal Vikings!

As night fell, the lords of the Valley went onstage to congratulate the jarls and their teams on their successful raids and to reward them with gifts befitting real warriors.

The whole Kattegat joyously danced to the famous Ukrainian band “Vopli Vidopliassova” while the fiery giants of Muspelheim arrived to the Thing to congratulate the triumphant warriors.

Even the Aces in Valhalla heard the way berserkers of NIX Solutions praised the 23rd Autumn Feast of the Konung with a deafening “Skol!”