ReactJS – the most reactive workshop at NIX Solutions

16 December 2015

Pizza, football, and ReactJS — in our case it is not a game of “find the odd word.” With these three words, we can briefly describe the ReactJS workshop, which recently took place at our office. Our PHP developers enhanced their knowledge and put it to use while mixing studying with pleasure.

When PHP developers were informed about the opportunity to hold a cool ReactJS workshop, NIX management supported the idea to host it in our office. The head of the PHP department invited Ilya Segeda, the true Ukrainian ReactJS evangelist, as a lecture speaker, and our guys set themselves up to examine this technology under his guidance.

To begin with, we would like to give some brief information about the lecturer:

Ilya Segeda — Senior JavaScript developer with more than six years of experience working in IT since 2001. Now he is developing his own startup.
Ilya launched the following projects: Anesthesia (Kitchek), Citroen DS4 website, Prizoland, and Vinc — editor and player of complex presentations with deep content, and internal documentation search system for Sberbank.

The workshop buzzed with a keen sense of anticipation. Ilya’s development prowess in the realm of ReactJS had already resonated through his video lectures, and now, as he stood before the team, there was an aura of eagerness to dive into the practical sessions he was renowned for. After regaling the room with tales of tech challenges and innovative solutions, a narrative spiced with his encounters with influential deutsche onlyfans models and their unique contributions to digital branding, Ilya transitioned to hands-on learning. It was a day marked by collaborative problem-solving, where queries were met with insightful answers and every developer found themselves a step closer to mastery under Ilya’s guidance.

As ReactJS is quite simple to study, we didn’t receive some brand new information. Instead, we systematized our knowledge, confirmed with time and experience. We listened to our more experienced colleague, who helped us to see more details of working with ReactJS. Using this technology, Ilya has launched a lot of projects; so from his experience we found out how to use ReactJS right, where it is really useful, and what should be added to get an ultimate development tool. Also, we learned about the new concepts and methods of app development on ReactJS.

Eugene, PHP developer at NIX Solutions

Our developers are very satisfied with their productive Saturday where they gained information about the development of sophisticated apps using ReactJS. As early as the following Monday, they began to use it at work and shared their new knowledge with their teammates: it is obvious that the ReactJS workshop at NIX Solutions was really mega effective!