PHPStorm 11 EAP

24 February 2016

JetBrains recently announced the start of PHPStorm 11 pre-test—a new version of IDE in PHP development. The release of PHPStorm 11 is just around the corner, and developers can now try out the latest version of 144.310 and leave their feedback.

Traditionally, in the test version of PHPStorm 11, previous versions bugs were fixed and a number of new features added. The release is scheduled for spring of 2016. New features and improvements include:

Setting of interpreters

New interpreters now can be set for the entire application and inside the separate projects. This is useful when simultaneously working on multiple projects on different servers. In addition, now you can share interpreter settings with teammates, or save them in a VCS.


Support of XDebug for REST client

Now developers can use XDebug directly from REST client panel.


Compact function

PHPStorm 11 correctly identifies compact function arguments. Search and refactoring problems known since 2010 have been fixed.


Also, the test version of PHPStorm 12 is available, with the following IDE frontend changes:

  • inline-editing in TypeScript;
  • improved support of Angular 2;
  • optimized import in TypeScript;
  • asynchronous debugging of JS code.

Improved communication with IntelliJ platform:

  • simplified merge with Git and other version control systems;
  • support for right-to-left writing languages (Arabic, Hebrew);
  • compare file versions in the Mercurial branches.

PHPStorm runs on Java 8

IntelliJ IDEA platform entirely “moves” to Java 8, which means that PHPStorm also runs on Java 8 JDK and later versions. This affects all EAP (144 *) builds and major releases scheduled for the spring of 2016.