Party of NIX Solutions Cowboys

8 June 2016

Hundreds of miles to the west of the Mississippi, our possessions stretched and every coyote in the area knows that this is our land. In the sight of our Colts only Wild West-city remained—the last city that has not yet realized that the Cowboys of NIX Solutions have tamed the Wild West. We had to lasso this town, to show the world what the NIX Solutions’ brave ranchers are standing for! The earth shook under the horse’s hooves, and bullets whistled in the air.

In the Wild West, you always have to stay alert. Brave NIX Solutions Cowboys are not new to the hassles and always keep a hand on the holster. So we came out winners from each skirmish on the Wild West-city streets, riddled targets in a shooting gallery, and lassoed a herd of horses!

At the entrance of the “Antler” saloon, it worth making sure a gun is by hand. Here the bartender generously treated NIX Solutions cowboys with excellent drinks, and the stakes at the poker table grew every minute.

At the fair, brave cowboys demonstrated to pretty ladies how they put a bull neck under the lasso.

Cowboys are gamblers, and fate delivers only the best cards for NIX Solutions’ ranchers ;). A pair of bets on cyber-beetles races, several hands of blackjack, poker, and dice—and our guys gutted a bank of a gambling house!

The most common way to reveal cowboy courage is to take part in rodeo or win the races.

On our children’s ranch, cowboys of the younger generation found entertainment to their liking. Our little pros swept through the prairies and conquered the Rocky Mountains!

To capture this historical moment, we made the biggest large-scale photos of all time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Wild West conquered, our ranch is blooming, and while our boots spurs are ringing, the belt holds a true Colt, and loyal friends are close, cowboys of NIX Solutions will cope with a gallop!