A Page in the Cossack History Book: The 24th Birthday of NIX Solutions

4 October 2018

Hurry, Cossacks!  Proceed to the Hetman’s bonfire, and do not forget to take the horilka with you! The blind kobza player has already stricked up his songs about the glorious deeds of the brave and fearless NIX-warriors from the Sich “Volnitsa”.

The Great Hetman of Zaporozhye gathered everyone to celebrate the 24th birthday of NIX Solutions. He ordered his warriors to compete in strength and agility, so that the legend and the glory of the Cossacks spread to the most distant lands.

Very early in the morning, chaikas filled with Cossack regiments began reaching the shore of the glorious Sich. They carried combat equipment and trophies, which were captured in battles. The wise Hetman, brave Atamans and other elders greeted the Cossacks and cheered them on their first campaign. The Hetman decided to gather the Atamans in his tent to interrogate them about their labors, tell them about the upcoming raids and the dangers posed by the infidels-enemies. It turned out that the Code of the Sich was hidden by the volkhvs, and without the Code, the feast is not a feast. Over a glass of horilka, the council of the Atamans listened to the Hetman and thought about his kurin: how to better prepare it, and what instructions to give their Cossacks.

Before sending the Cossacks to the Great Сampaign for the stolen Code of the Sich, the elders decided to check their readiness of their combat and to see the chaikas and the kurins. The Cossacks had been preparing for a long time for this inspection; no one wanted to lose his face. Witnesses said the saws glanced, the axes buzzed, and the Cossacks were sweating bullets. Under the scorching sun came the brave Cossacks to the Ukrainian steppe, built their chaikas on the banks of the Dnieper, put on their best outfits and looked forward to the evaluation from the elders.

The brave kurin #Komuvsech did not allow anyone to doubt the state of their chaika, defeated the enemies on the spot and offered to quickly deliver everybody to the Sich. For this kurin #Komuvsech was awarded the third place from the Cossack elders.

Provoking kurin “Salo, Chaika, 2 Fixes” illustrated the variety of Cossack community and proved that modern Cossacks don’t have to wear the sharwall and to dance the hopak. For such creativity, the elders awarded this kurin the second place.

The best battle chaika belonged to the kurin “Nebezpechny Oseledets”, which took part in the seizure of the Turkish coast. For the Cossack’s courage, as well as the perfect state of military weapons, “Nebezpechny Oseledets” took the prestigious first place in the chaikas’ show and was given the right to lead the next raid against the Tatars.

Hetman and his elders were satisfied with the state of the military chaikas, praised the distinсtive kurins, poured the Cossacks a cup of horilka, and then decided to test the strength and agility of the Atamans and their closest associates. To do so, Hetman sent them to the first trial of the day: searching for a lost map that will help find the Code of the Sich. As soon as the map was found, the brave NIX-Cossacks didn’t even have time to rejoice in their success; they quickly set out on the Great Campaign.

To retrieve the Code of the Sich, the Cossacks had to go through three raids. Each required different skills. During the raid to the Kharakterniks’ camp, the Cossacks had to demonstrate their intuition, an eagle eye and a sensitive ear. Having noticed these Cossacks, the volkhvs with one voice said: “Not a single fly will fly unnoticed past these warriors!” For the expedition to the Plastun camp, the Atamans picked the strongest, bravest and the most fearless Cossack who can shot-put and can carry a horse over the ford. The most cunning and savvy Cossacks of the Sich went to the camp of the Healers. Only after carrying out all three raids were the Cossacks able to obtain the desirable Code of Sich.

It’s not an easy thing to go on a military campaign. It was not easy for our Cossacks: they needed to use their maces, hack with swords, carry cargo, read encrypted messages, fight evil spirits, cross the frozen river, and ride their fighting horses. Our Cossacks faced dangerous challenges, but they managed to cope with all of them. Wise and experienced Ataman-fathers didn’t waste time, too. They knew that it would not be easy for the Cossacks to go into the campaigns, so during the breaks between the raids, the detachments were replaced, allowing tired soldiers to rest.

It’s not a secret that the Cossacks know as much about rest as about military campaigns. So, they spent time between raids cheerfully and fervently. From every kurin came the sonorous “Bud’mo!”, the smoke from the fire carried fragrant smells of a young piglet baked on the spit. On the main glade of the Sich, the Cossacks could gather to compete in throwing battle axes and knives, eating halusky and singing Cossack songs. Among them wandered fair merchants, chumaks and blacksmiths. Rumor has it that even witches and fortune tellers were roaming around on the Sich.

When the sun moved beyond the horizon, the Great Hetman decided to review the Cossack kurins, check how they built their shelter and meet the guests. Fifteen kurins stood on the Sich that day; everyone wanted to surprise Hetman and the elders. The Cossacks had been preparing to meet their guests for a long time, they shook off the dust from their tents, put on the best clothes, prepared their best dishes and, of course, it could not be without the Cossack horilka.

All kurins did a good job. Oh, how tough it was for the Hetman and the elders to choose the best settlements! Everyone wanted to impress the guests, and to give them the best drink and food. Kurin “Nebezpechny Oseledets” decided to test the Hetman’s strength and dexterity, inviting the elders to try their hand at blacksmithing and shot-putting. For the opportunity to relive memories from their youth, the Cossack elders gave the third place to this kurin.

Kurin “Shabla!” Chi to “Tyhishe, panove” was the most innovative among the Cossack kurins. Its inhabitants were the first to bring a marvelous miracle to the Sich: the professional cinema equipment, and performed magic to the elders by shooting a movie about ancient warriors. Of course, the Cossacks honor the traditions of their land, so after the shootings, they did not forget to feed the elders with Ukrainian borsch and horilka.

Kurin “Hto ne skache, toy Pascal” endeavour most of all and decided to propose the Hetman the daughter of the ataman as a wife.  The elders were so struck with the beauty and domesticity of the Ataman daughter, that having conferred they decided to award the smartest kurin the first place.

When all the Cossacks returned from the raids, and the satisfied elders completed the review of the kurins, the time had come for the final trial. Ukraine has long been a desirable catch of the Ottoman Empire: our fertile lands attracted its rulers, and the brave Cossacks have always protected us from the enemies. The Atamans decided that it was high time to put an end to the Turkish threat forever. They thought of draining the Black Sea, so that the infidel enemies could not pass through.

When the last key was found at the bottom of the drained sea and the Cossacks finally managed to get the Code of the Sich, it was time to have fun. The NIX-Cossacks have a reputation of knowing how to have fun. The music warmed everybody up and we sang and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

When the Cossack elders came up to the stage led by the Hetman, the entire Sich became quiet: no leaf on the trees stirred, not a single fly passed by. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners of this day.

Kurin #Komuvsech took the third place and was rewarded with a pair of Cossack sabers, which belonged to the main Kharakternik of the Sich.

Cossacks from the kurin “Shabla!” Chi to “Tyhishe, panove” got the second place and the saber of the main Ataman of the Sich as a memorable prize.

The kurin “Nebezpechny Oseledets”  was awarded the saber of the Great Hetman and took the prestigious first place. These Cossacks proved to be the strongest, most courageous, cunning, savvy and brave warriors.

Of course, the Hetman didn’t forget about the horseradish horilka and homemade sausage to celebrate the victory of these kurins.

A celebration swept over the Sich when the Hetman rewarded his Cossacks. When he finished, the whole Sich burst out in joyful shouts. The winners were announced, the enemies defeated, the Code of the Sich was found, the renewed chaikas swayed noiselessly on the waves of the Dnieper.

In honor of the victory of the Cossacks and the massacre of all enemies, the Hetman decided to put on a great music festival and a spectacular light show. Musicians across the seas wanted to be a part of this freedom celebration, but the Cossack elders selected only the best and the most talented ones. The band KARNA rocked hard that the sparks under the boots of the Cossacks flew in all directions. The cover-bands sang the Cossack songs and played on the strings of Ukrainian soul.

As the blind kobza player concludes his song about the glorious labors of our Cossacks, it marks the end of another page in the Cossack history book. Even though the NIX-Cossacks have been living for almost a quarter of a century, an even more glorious future awaits them!