NIX Solutions Turns 22

26 September 2016

NIX Solutions’ 22nd birthday celebration theme was Outlaw City, a place between Sherwood Forest and Tortuga Island. There were 30 teams led by famous characters like Robin Hood, Little John, Jack Sparrow, William Braveheart, Zorro, and others.

These teams referred to as Outlaw City Gangs were to establish the new order of justice and peace by impressing the City government with their ability to rob. Each gang was given 30 seconds to present, but it was enough to surprise the judges. It was one amazing show after another, with some wit, humor, and many tricks. At the end of the presentations, the City fathers chose the most skillful teams.

The second-place winner was “Crackers”, a story of programmers and Sergey, who came and demolished a “wall”. The first place went to “A Face with Scrum” where guys beat Darth Vader with Scrum concepts and finished him with Retrospective.

All day long, the outlaw gangs participated in quests and contests with prizes. Some robbers were lucky (or not?) to meet nimble thimbleriggers and other dangerous criminals.

While all this was going on, the Godfathers also judged the camps of the 30 teams. The rulers were impressed by interesting presentations inside the campus as well.

The last contest for team leaders finished the quest part of the holiday.

The noble rulers and fathers of Outlaw City were on hand to greet the gangs that passed the quest. The most successful ones received precious prizes:

5th place: “Injustice League” got a real musket

4th place: “Outlaw” got a sword of Zorro

3rd place: “What you got?” can now boast of Braveheart’s sword

2nd place: “Accept wholesale” got a crossbow of Little John

1st place: “A Goon Squad” got a bow, quiver, and arrows of Robin Hood.

And when Siarhei Mikhalok went on the main stage with music groups Brutto and Lyapis Trubetskoy, the dancing robbers wiped dozens of shoe plates!

Our victory over the evil sheriff proved nothing is impossible with a united NIX Solutions team. Everyone will truly remember the company’s 22nd birthday as a remarkable adventure of unique challenges, an exciting concert, and loads of fun.