NIX Solutions HRs at job fairs

14 December 2016

We are always happy to help students in their search for productive and congenial employment and therefore dedicated the entire month to a job fair “tour.” :)

The job fair at KHNUE

We are frequent visitors to the university, and it was clear that students greatly prepared for a meeting with us. Students listened to the training programs with enthusiasm, asked about the experts, the company life, and the legendary corporate parties. :)

The job fair at KHNU

At the KHNU, we met with a lot of students who can organize fun even at a job fair. You can’t even imagine how many poems were recited, and how many songs were sung. Some students even did rap. :) And of course, we rewarded these students for their talents with NIX’s notebooks and pens.
We answered their questions about the practice, training projects, and further cooperation with NIX Solutions.

The job fair at Fabrika Space

Kharkiv Youth Council offered creative Fabrika Space as a place to hold this event.

At this job fair, we met many people who graduated from university a few years ago and already have work experience. Some of them have tried their hand in several areas, however, haven’t fallen in love with at least one. We helped our guests to understand whether they would fit into one specialty available at NIX Solutions.

We wish everyone luck in finding their dream job and are looking forward to seeing you as part of our friendly team!

You can find all NIX Solutions jobs in the relevant section of our website. :)