NIX Solutions in the heart of Kharkiv

31 July 2015

Last May, NIX Solutions started the great office move to a brand new building in downtown Kharkiv. We settled into the building when only three of the 10 floors were finished and furnished. Several months later, all NIX Solutions engineers have united under one roof.

This summer, we celebrated the opening of the last floor that welcomed a part of our big family. Now the entire building is officially our home. We just love it: large airy spaces with panoramic windows; underground bike and auto parking; showers; and excellent location, of course. The office of NIX Solutions is next to Freedom Square, Kharkiv Palace Hotel, and the main street of Sumska.

During the planning of the office, we allocated for 3 leisure areas. Two of them already became popular among employees and the third one recently opened on the second floor. These lounges are strong communication hubs where we share ideas during lunch hours, hold lectures and conferences, or just relax and read.

Take a virtual tour around our office and see yourself our :)