NIX Solutions’ Experts on SQA Days 19 Conference

1 August 2016

NIX Solutions experts were lucky to visit SQA Days 19 in St. Petersburg and are happy to share their emotions and details of the event.

Why are the conferences so good and are they worth visiting?

Easy way to get new information – just come and listen.
Opportunity to sort out previously studied things.
Meet and network with like-minded people, which is important in the professional field.

Thanks to NIX Solutions, we were able to take advantage of these opportunities by visiting the SQA Days 19, which was held in May in St. Petersburg.

The main theme of all SQA Days Conferences is Software Quality Assurance. The main attendees are specialists in the field of testing, who come from CIS countries. Location of SQA Days changes among the major cities of the CIS countries which are: Ukraine, Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

By the way, the next conference will be held in Minsk in November 2016.

Organizers chose a good venue for this conference: proximity to the airport allowed many participants to arrive on time at the appointed place.

The conference lasted for two full days, from 10 am to 6 pm, and brought together more than 400 specialists from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Omsk, Samara, and other cities.

Presentations were divided into three parallel flows, and themes aroused the interest and desire to visit each one. As true testers, we decided to visit each of the three parallel streams of the conference, not missing any small piece of information.

Our expert Ruslan went to the Test Automation section, Stress testing, and Security testing. The rest of us went for the report on Functional testing, testing of mobile applications, test management, and other related topics.

Two days passed for me in a nonstop mode. The conference contained many reports within a sea of information. I was very pleased with the quality of some reports on automation. Many lectures were devoted to such trends as DevOps and Continuous Delivery. By the end of the conference we even joked that to appear “to have a successful report, include DevOps to the presentation.” :) The organization of the conference was almost perfect: quizzes, prizes, raffles, and a game-like atmosphere. In a word – great!

Ruslan, QA Automation expert

Peter met us with cloudy weather. However, neither this nor our sleepy states could prevent us from visiting all the planned sights.

The first day of the conference started with a completely captivating series of reports. Between the lectures, we participated in quizzes from SQA Days partners, selfies, earned prizes in competitions, and by the way, my suitcase gained 15 pounds.

I am inspired by the reports on optimization of the tester work – about test artifacts and personal time. There were also interesting presentations on UAT.

Catherine, a QA department expert

Soon, we plan to hold a series of lectures in NIX Solutions, to share the most relevant and useful information with everyone. The SQA Days 19 not only taught us a lot of new things but also helped to consolidate previously gained knowledge.

Tatiana, QA department group lead

A bonus feature of attending the conferences is an opportunity to see, albeit fleetingly, another city and experience another culture. It also charges and motivates one to move on and discover new horizons.

During the day of free time spent in St. Petersburg, we managed to take in the sights, go on the boat tour, and by chance, visit the Naval Museum and the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery.

We brought a lot of impressions with us from the conference itself, from the city, and from the people we met. In the future, we plan to use every opportunity to enrich our backgrounds and expand the circle of like-minded people. :)