NIX Solutions experts in search of the True Scrum

22 July 2015

For everyone is always useful to systematize our knowledge. Nix Solutions got a chance to do it at the Certified ScrumMaster training under the guidance of Robin Diamond. Our experts went to Warsaw to improve their skills in project management.
We know everything…even more than everything about teamwork at NIX Solutions. But even for us is always useful to systematize our knowledge. Especially when doing it at the Certified ScrumMaster training under the guidance of Robin Diamond–a famous person among people familiar with Scrum. So, our experts went to Warsaw to improve their skills in project management and learn about all nuances using the techniques of Scrum.

The two-day Certified ScrumMaster course (CSM) was organized by ProCognita company with support from SCRUM ALLIANCE. The training was very dynamic: the participants did a lot of exercises, considered many interesting cases, learned to focus on team responsibility, and to find out the client’s main requirements.
The instructors paid great attention to the practice. Together with the participants, they took part in the discussions of all cases; if there were questions about project management technologies, the coaches helped to find answers.

During the training, NIX Solutions experts met the representatives of different countries and occupations. As a result, our guys learned a lot of news not only about Scrum but also about the development of top-secret technologies for the Polish army; banking systems service in Latvia; booking and purchasing plane tickets in Lithuania and even Haiti.

As the materials about Scrum are publicly available in good supply, the main aim of the training was to make the participants’ theoretical knowledge closer to the severe project realities. Because of the elaboration of the tasks, our guys “armed” themselves with effective instruments for teamwork. They also learned to build cooperation with the client, notice and feel his general requirements.

At the beginning of the course, coaches asked the participants to share their expectations from the training process–our team highly appreciated such an approach. In this way, the instructors maximally adapted the training program to the interests of attendees. In the end, by a “heated” discussion, they made sure that every attendant received maximum knowledge and benefit from the training.

It was precious, when in the beginning of the training they were asking the participants about their expectations. The training program has flexibly met them at once–and we didn’t leave the room in the end until we made sure that everyone received what he expected. When we return, we want to shake hands to the initiators of the trip from NIX Solutions, climb on the roof of the office, scatter the letters with theses and then dive into refreshing Scrum.

Sergey, Project Manager at NIX Solutions

The experience and knowledge gained at Scrum training will be enough not only for its efficient implementation in work but also for many captivating lectures and training at NIX Solutions. So, we shall look forward to new interesting and useful stories about the delicacy of Scrum techniques. And, of course, to funny stories about the time spent in Warsaw.