NIX Solutions experts at Certified Scrum Product Owner training

17 July 2015

In early July Warsaw says “Welcome!” to every visitor of Certified Scrum Product Owner training. The attendees are people from different countries, who are interested in modern techniques of product implementation.
In early July, Warsaw welcomed everyone interested in Agile software development for the training Certified Scrum Product Owner training. Of course, the experts of NIX Solutions would not miss such an opportunity to enhance their expertise in Scrum project management methodology so they went.

A little tidbit about Scrum… There are three roles in this method of Agile software development: the Product Owner, the ScrumMaster, and the team.
The Product Owner leads the development effort by outlining work in the Product Backlog and to consider which activities will produce the most business value. Of course, he or she must also consider the stakeholders and the team. However, the Product Owner is the one person who must face the music if the project crashes and burns. The Scrum Product Owner is discouraged from altering the requirements of the project until the next sprint planning meeting. However, the Product Owner may cancel a Sprint if necessary. Just as the development team must produce the negotiated work for the Product Owner, the Product Owner must deliver the product to the customer.

The first few seconds with certified trainer Robin Diamond made our guys understand that serious and exciting work waited for them. Coaches formed groups in such a way that the participants with wide experience in Scrum would pull beginners up.

Despite the fact that the representatives were from various countries, no cultural and linguistic differences occurred while discussing cases. The participants actively shared their opinions, argued, wrote a bold finish line, and argued again.

The coaches decided not to give participants ready-made answers and did their best to make the participants come to their own solutions. These objectives were successfully achieved through workshops, exercises, and case simulations. Our team adored the training format; solving tasks by themselves are interesting and effective. Our guys have learned how to optimize the price of the final product using Scrum and took the practice of product backlog preparation. They also learned how to create a project in full compliance with the requirements of the client.

In the end, our NIX Solutions experts took a detailed look at the things they were interested in, asked all accumulated and unanswered questions, and asked about moments that were not fully disclosed. They received detailed answers about the important role of a Product Owner in Scrum.

Besides a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, our experts got an opportunity to pass an exam and become Certified Product Owners.

It’s great when the company provides training and education and helps you to improve yourself and learn something new; discover the world and share it with others. Thank you very much, NIX Solutions! See you soon at our own trainings!

Marina, Project Manager at NIX Solutions