NIX Solutions experts at Analyst Days 2015 Conference

22 May 2015

Over 300 industry experts gathered at the «Analyst Days» conference in Minsk. Business analysts of NIX Solutions attended this professional event this year and share their experience.

Just as the theater begins with a hanger, software development begins with a requirements analysis. This field, as along with the IT sphere in general, is growing dynamically. It is vital for requirements analysts to keep up with the innovations in their profession. That’s why a sponsored trip to the Analyst Days 2015 International Conference was not only very enjoyable, but also extremely useful gift from the company to the NIX Solutions’ business analysts.

This year’s International Conference on System and Business Analysis «Analyst Days» was the fourth one with over 300 industry experts gathering in Minsk. Through the years, Analyst Days managed to form a lively and active community of analysts who are willing to share their valuable experience. Our experts were deeply impressed by the capital of Belarus and by the organizational level of the conference in particular. They’ve absorbed a good amount of new knowledge from Minsk.

The conference started with a general meeting where we were informed about important events.

It should be mentioned that the conference was well-thought out. When the participants arrived, a generous and varied breakfast was waiting for them. On the first day, we were given a set of useful things (notebook, schedule, training manual for notes on each report). There were three reports in different sections carried out at the same time, so we had previously planned our schedule in order to hear all of them. It turned out that the breaks were long enough to move from one section to another. The second day was even more efficient than the first one because we were already familiar with the format of the event and its participants.
At the closing ceremony, the conference organizers thanked all the participants, awarded the best speakers and told about their future plans.

Irina, requirements analyst at NIX Solutions

This trip became one of the year’s brightest professional events for the NIX Solutions’ experts. They are already practicing what they learned and are implementing in their projects a lot of information from Analyst Days 2015. Inspired by the conference speakers, our experts have analyzed the reports, which had been the most relevant to the practical aspects of the analysts’ work, tested them in the field, and prepared a detailed article for NIX Solutions’ blog at Habrahabr based on this experience.