NIX Solutions Come Through to the Finals of The European Software Testing Awards 2018

8 October 2018

NIX Solutions is proud to announce its nomination for the Leading Vendor Category Finale by the prestigious European Software Testing Awards 2018.

For the sixth time, the European Software Testing Awards will be praising companies and individuals who have achieved considerable results in the field of software testing and quality assurance. This year, the ceremony will be held on November 21st at Old Billingsgate, London. The chosen place, a sumptuous, 19th-century building designed by Sir Horace Jones and fully reconstructed by renowned architect, Richard Rogers, truly amplifies the significance of the celebrated event.

When you love your job it’s not a job at all. At NIX, we do not treat work as a routine to bring financial gain; we see it as a challenge for further professional growth and development. If something can be done by means of QA, we do it.

We always put the interests of our clients first, and their satisfaction serves as the quality indicator of a  job well fulfilled. We know the importance of professional services to overall business performance. By offering efficient and timely solutions to our clients, we prove our commitment to high quality standards for our end customers. The key definitions of our work would be reliability, flexibility, and speed of operations. But, our clients could probably speak better for us.

We support the widest range of testing types: functional testing, performance testing, localization testing, automated testing, mobile testing, regression testing, unit testing, security testing, and usability testing. We are ceaseless in our efforts to drive the software testing/QA industry to further heights.

Although we work hard for the sake of our clients rather than for high praises, being nominated certainly brings us joy to know our work has been noticed and appreciated far beyond the limits of our clients. Events like these help companies like ours keep going when times get hard and encourage new professionals to join the industry.