NIX Solutions Biker Rock Party

19 June 2017

NIX Harley Fest is the party without limits! There was illegal racing, the smell of burning rubber, hard rock, and alcohol fuel flowing through the veins.

Glam rock icons, KISS greeted Harley Fest guests. Formidable Harry and Mad Racer opened the NIX Harley Fest and launched the most hardcore bike party!

The most skillful bikers of the Brotherhood received awards for success in the Battle of IT-Corporations.

Each of the bikers had a lot of fun for the year ahead at the NIX Harley Fest. After the dance rock battles and beer races, every brutal biker wanted to “stop the engine” for five minutes! :)

At this time, the junior bikers turned the accelerators to the limit and had fun at Kids’ Rock Party!

The brotherhood posed for the NIX Harley Fest photographer. :)


All NIX Solutions Brotherhood bikers want—is to let the rock always live in your hearts and the roads be easily conquered by you and your iron brothers!