NIX Magic Party 2017

17 January 2017

Wizards and sorcerers all over the world arrived at the NIX Magic Party for their portion of fairy tales and mystery and each one got what he wanted. :)

All guests got to New Year’s party through magic Diagon Alley.

Every magician and sorcerer who came to the ball was to walk through the magical forest. Here one could meet Alice, the Red Queen, the White Rabbit, and the wise Absolem the Caterpillar!

The most outstanding representatives of magical crafts opened the evening: Goodwin, the Cheshire Cat, and the Goblin! They appeared on stage to congratulate the magical world with a Happy New Year!

With the help of a magic mirror, all the guests looked into the past for a moment, to remember the last fabulous 2016!

NIX Brightest Moments of 2016 from NIX Solutions on Vimeo.

The bravest heroes of Fairyland—The High Elf, The Prince of the enchanted castle, The Leprechaun, Peter Pan, and The Nutcracker—went on the scene to congratulate on the upcoming New Year and to wish lots and lots of good luck and cheers. :)

The clock struck twelve, and this means that another year full of magic, enchantment, and happiness lies ahead for us!

Happy New Year, wizards of NIX Solutions! Let life be a real fairytale and all of your plans come true easily as if with a wave of a wand!